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Qingdao marine fishery established marine ranch branch

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Develop recreational fishery and build Yantai "Sea Golf"

Yantai has an area of 26000 square kilometers, a coastline of 1038 kilometers, and 230 islands of all sizes. Nearly one tenth of the sea area is suitable for the construction of high-quality marine pastures. At this year's "two sessions" in Yantai, LV Xuefeng, deputy of the Municipal People's Congress, put forward the proposal of "promoting the information construction of" marine Ranch ", and the Municipal Oceanic development and Fisheries Bureau replied.

Qingdao marine fishery established marine ranch branch

"Family background": 11 national marine ranch demonstration areas

According to reports, in the 1970s and 1980s, as one of the first pilot areas in China, our city carried out artificial reef experiments and prawn breeding and releasing activities in some bays, becoming one of the earliest cities in China to carry out marine ranch construction.

In the practice of vigorously developing marine pastures, our city has developed a number of new models and new ways for the development of marine pastures with Yantai characteristics, such as "marine engineering + pastures" linkage model, "land sea relay" compatibility model, "large fishing belt and small fishing" sharing model.

Up to now, the city has built 11 national level marine ranch demonstration areas, accounting for 1 / 8 of the whole country. It has become the city with the largest number of national level marine ranches, and a total of 23 marine ranch demonstration areas above the provincial level have been built. The total area of marine pastures is 1 million mu, accounting for nearly 1 / 3 of the mariculture area of the city. The output of marine ranch aquatic products reached 600000 tons, and the comprehensive income reached 30 billion yuan.

In terms of intellectualization, we took the lead in the research and development and construction of semi submersible and self elevating multi-functional management platform for marine pastures, as well as far-reaching sea intelligent cage and pipe pile purse seine net, etc., and accelerated the development of modern fishery to far-reaching sea areas. In the city, we have built 11 platforms for marine pastures, 3 platforms under construction, and 7 cage. We have vigorously developed the integrated cultivation of land-based industrial circulating water and deep-water cage. Through the seamless connection of land-based and sea-based, we have realized the cultivation of rare species such as porgy in the north and South in the north. The "Changjing No. 1" deep-water intelligent cage of Hongxiang, long island has been delivered for use, and the Jiayi deep-water intelligent cage platform of Long Island has been completed.

At present, the city's rare fish breeding scale has reached 2 million cubic meters, annual output of 26000 tons and output value of 1.2 billion yuan, making it the largest relay breeding base of rare fish on land and sea in China. The city's fishermen's cooperatives have developed rapidly, with a total number of more than 300, radiating and driving more than 20000 fishermen to become rich together.

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