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Views on the development and characteristics of fish culture in deep sea cage

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Cage fish culture is to use the data such as decomposing fiber mesh or metal mesh in the natural water environment to disassemble the box with certain shape, set it in the water body, keep the fish in the box with high density, stop the replacement of the water body with the aid of the box meter all the time, so as to stabilize the oxygen content in the box to meet the needs of the growth of fish, and mix the natural bait or artificial bait with the fish treasure for public use In terms of fry or commercial fish, this method is called cage culture.


According to the characteristics of cage culture of saltwater in China, there are two kinds of cage culture industry, which can be divided into two types: the application of natural bait base and the mixing of artificial common bait with common EM bacterial solution. These two kinds of models are summarized into three forms: one is to create fry, and to choose natural food such as plankton, inorganic debris, bacterial flocculent in reservoirs and lakes to create large-scale silver carp in cage The yield of bighead carp can exceed 4000 kg / mu in the pond; the second is to breed filter feeding silver carp and Bighead Carp with natural bait in the reservoir and lake with rich water body; the second is to breed herbivorous fish with abundant water resources in the grass lake and river; the yield of silver carp and bighead carp in the cage can exceed 3000kg / mu ~ 5000kg / mu, and the highest yield of herbivorous fish In the range of 4000kg / mu to 6000kg / mu; the third is to fully feed commercial fish with common pellet feed, mainly raise carp, tilapia and other saltwater fish as food materials, which can produce more than 20t to 60t per mu, and more than 100t / mu for high yield. In addition, in recent years, we have carried out the use of liquid pouring cage to raise mandarin fish, large mouth bass and other carnivorous fish, as well as other famous, special and excellent species. Although it is not widely used now, it will be developed later.


Nowadays, many regions in foreign countries are very optimistic about freshwater cage culture. In the past 20 years, a lot of research and experiments have been carried out on freshwater cage culture, which has been widely applied in many countries. In recent years, with the improvement of superstition, new technologies and new materials have been developed and applied, and the application of fresh water cage to aquaculture is developing faster and faster.

Now, the practical scope of freshwater cage culture has been increasing, from near shore to off shore; the frame information of cage manufacturing has also been upgraded, using new materials such as high-strength plastic, plastic steel rubber, stainless steel, alloy steel, steel, etc.; the information of net clothing has also changed from traditional to decomposed fiber, such as towards high-strength nylon fiber and titanium metal Besides the rectangle shape, there are other square and round shapes in the cage, and the butterfly shape and polygon shape are also developed. However, the main point of cage culture has always been around the common EM bacteria liquid of Yubao aquatic products.


Cage culture has changed from solid floating to floating, lifting and sinking; the volume of cage has also increased from dozens of cubic meters to thousands of cubic meters, up to tens of thousands of cubic meters; the annual output of cage culture has increased from hundreds of kilograms to hundreds of tons; the types of cage culture have also expanded from many to dozens, reaching the needs of most local markets and high prices At present, the cultivation form changes from various to mixed, and then to comprehensive cultivation of different kinds of fish, crab, shellfish, etc.; the cultivation management changes to the initiative, and starts to apply the initiative design of active baiting, current pouring liquid, water body analysis, underwater control, biomass measurement, fish classification, main dynamic sucking fish, dregs receiving and taking over, etc.; and in the cultivation of seedlings, prevention and control of fish diseases and insect pests and Immunity, full price common bait, anti UV data of cage application, anti fouling and other aspects have been studied, developed and applied.

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