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Top10 manufacturer of plastic pipe and fitting in China
OEM&ODM service
Rich experience of OEM&ODM service
Professional Team
Professional team of talents in manufacturing, engineering, designing and researching.

Your Pipe specialist

Jiang Te Polytron Technologies Inc. is your pipe specialist from house plumbing material to national pipeline project.

About Jiangte

Jiang Te Polytron Technologies Inc. has the mission to serve generations of customers and maintain the values for them. We have a vision of being indispensable parts in everyone’s life.

Our Products

Jiangte products mainly include HDPE pipe and fitting, PPR pipe and fitting, PE-RT floor-heating pipe and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe.

Our Business

Jiangte will be global brand and launch more products in different industries. We welcome you to join us. We will use Jiangte products to build a better world.